• Organic Simply Sweet Lip Scrub

Organic Simply Sweet Lip Scrub

$ 8.00


Are your lips rough or flaky? Your lipstick doesn't seem to go on as smooth as before, but your chapstick isn't solving the problem?

LB Love's sugar lip scrub to the rescue! This all organic treatment has just three ingredients: virgin coconut oil, cane sugar, + beeswax from a local beekeeper. It will smooth, soothe, + moisturize your delicate lips all in one delicious step!

Simply take a pea size amount on the tip of your finger and rub on lips in a circular motion. Then wipe or lick off the excess: mmmmm, yum.

Simply Sweet has no added essential oils-perfect for extra sensitive skin. You'll love the delicate fragrance of the unrefined coconut oil combined with the sweetness from the cane sugar.

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