• Moon Nectar Apothecary Abundance Salts

Moon Nectar Apothecary Abundance Salts

$ 18.00


Jupiter + Mars herbs attract prosperity and abundance, giving you the energy to make things happen. Fresh, piney conifer and lavender scents bring optimism and growth. This intention is for self-growth and breaking patterns. Sprinkle 3-4 spoonfuls into bath and mix with foot in clockwise motion.

• Epsom salt + clay detoxes and reduces inflammation
• Aids in attracting abundance + promotes confidence + personal growth
• Spoon handmade by local ceramicist Ria Leigh

Epsom salt, Bentonite clay, Lavender, Myrrh, Bayberry, Pine, Sage, Cedar & various essential oils

made in the U.S.A. +   no animal products!
Made in America. Vegan.

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